Laotie 30W Ti5600 Landbreaker: Current Coupons
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great Banggood! Laotie Ti30 Landbreaker is an earth breaker" with a power of 5600 W or a range of 140 km and a maximum speed of 85 km/h

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  1. Milan writes:

    Hi, 5600W is already very crazy 🙂 It will be easy to break in half. I also saw 6000W, but I don't know if it's reasonable.
    I'm looking for ESWING ESM8. Have you ever had a coupon?

    1. Frederik writes:

      There is currently no coupon for ESWING ESM8, but we plan to prepare an article for it. Maybe some will show up by then.

  2. Male writes:

    As long as the coupon is valid

    1. Frederik writes:

      The coupon is valid until 31.3.2021

  3. Male writes:

    Thank you for your response

  4. fran writes:


    Can't buy it yet?
    any other store?
    Thank you

    1. Frederik writes:


      Banggood tiene problemas monetarios con el transporte, estamos encontrando más información.

  5. Natasa writes:

    Hi, why can't I order to Slovakia or the Czech Republic? well thank you

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello, they currently have a problem with transportation from China. They solve it, but we don't know when it will be available again.

  6. Thick writes:

    Any new coupon for bouveyd or Ti30 usable in mob.apk thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      The Ti30 still has what we have in the article: BGPLROTI30. We updated the coupon for Boyueda:

  7. TT writes:

    Isn't there a seat for that scooter?

    1. Frederik writes:

      Not in the package.

  8. Real Owner writes:

    I own the scooter and it's such a garbage. You can't exceed 30km of range on full battery as the battery can't hold against the motors! It will randomly turn off and you can't switch back on without connecting the chargers so you need to be prepared to push a lot as it will happen randomly.

    1. Frederik writes:

      We are afraid you received a scooter with a faulty battery. You should contact customer support on Banggood and describe to them your problem, the scooter should not turn off at any voltage.

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