Laotie H6 Pro is another novelty with a 500 W motor or a range of over 60 km
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EU coupon in stock: Laotie H6 Pro scooter has a beautiful look, 500 W motor or 60 km range

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  1. Daniel Gajarek writes:

    Good evening, I have a very bad experience with the laotie h6pro electric bike. The handlebars broke on my son's son today, and the whole processing of the handlebars at freezing point has become very high.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Good day.

      We are very sorry for such a negative experience and we hope that the son is fine. This is something that even a faulty piece could have caused, and we have seen that it has already happened to expensive pieces like the Dualtron. Definitely contact us to e-mail or Facebook and we will help you with the complaint.

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