Kugoo Kirin G3 is a beautiful 1200 W orange scooter with TPU suspension
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The latest coupons: KuKirin G3 has a rear 1200 W motor, a range of over 70 km and an unconventional TPU suspension

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Hello, I have a scooter at home. I ordered it through geegbuying as you recommend. I still looked at banggood where the price is very similar, but without reviews. It arrived exactly one week after the order from PL in perfect condition. Everything works as it should, looks amazing and drives like that too. I switched from Xiaomi mi scooter Pro and the jump is huge. Mainly shock absorbers and lighting and also performance. The display is also very nice. But it is a monster, big and heavy, compared to Xiaomi it commands respect:-) I can recommend it, maximum satisfaction.


Doesn't the person who writes the headlines also read the reviews you do? ...The manufacturer indicates the maximum range at the level of 60 km... In the title it is more than 70 km and in reality it is not even 40 km... why the confusing titles?


On the seller's website, they also indicate a theoretical range of 70 km in the pictures. Of course, the real one is always lower, it depends on the riding style and the rider's weight, but an experienced reader of electric scooters knows that for sure. In our review, we list the range we were able to test, but this is not a review.


Hello. I have finally driven 500 km, so I will share some impressions. For now, I can only praise the scooter. Incredibly good suspension. I haven't had one from this price/size category yet, but if I compare it with all the others I've changed (all different xiaomi models, smaller models kugoo, nineboot etc. ) so it's an incomparable difference. I drive in Bratislava, so potholes, potholes and bumps are everywhere. Even the scooter can solidly handle stone paving and curb jumps. As for endurance +- if I drive at full speed (that means always at the "safe" maximum on the given section, but at least 70% of the time I go at full 50 km/h), then the range is approx. 85 km. The construction is solid, the maximum amount of cables bang when driving. The brakes could be stronger + mine are already starting to "squeal". I consider the worst thing to be the unfortunate solution for starting and turning off the scooter, the button is located directly on the accelerator and it very often happens to me while driving that I just rub (a little) against this button and the scooter "turns off". Although the display and lights do not turn off, the engine stops responding and I have to stop completely. Turn on-off and continue. It happened to me a couple of times in the bus/bike lane and it was quite dangerous. The folding mechanism is quite unconventional, but the screw is a very good solution in terms of structural strength and low noise (with many other mechanisms, I regularly heard rattling and clicking while driving). The assembly itself may take more time than traditional levers, but it's not terrible. The tires also handle driving on wet roads and I didn't skid even once. The acceleration is pleasant, it is not a sprinter, it accelerates rather linearly, so you don't have to worry about the scooter "dropping" you. I definitely do not regret the investment of 45 euros. For that price, you can probably get a better scooter on the "paper" side, but I would strongly doubt the quality of the design and the overall quality of the product.


I paid 1050 for it two years ago, the same price as on AliExpress, but bought in Gobery,
after a year, the controller went away, after another the rear shock absorber - the rear part was touching the wheel, the part became with transport 27e but it is stored in a plastic part, so it will break again over time, defects on the rear wheel 4, I was tired of repairing it, I ordered I'm curious about the airless tire, range in 3rd gear at 120kg, 25km not much

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I bought early Kugoo Kirin ES2 and it was one of my worst purchases.. At first glance everything was ok, but after a few days everything started to wobble, the rear fender broke several times... the switch broke... the light started flashing after a while... the gas lever broke - I don't know how call it... and - since it is no longer produced, spare parts cannot be bought. Never again….never again. Any other brand. Kugoo I do not recommend kirin by any chance.