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The BlitzWolf BW-VP11 projector has 6000 lumens, weighs only 1,4 kg, reflects the image from a smartphone and a coupon in CZ stock

The BlitzWolf BW-VP11 projector offers, in addition to low weight, also a brightness of up to 6000 lumens, image mirroring or…

Portable HD projector BlitzWolf BW-VP5 has 3800 lm and Bluetooth with a good price in CZ stock

The BlitzWolf brand offers a really wide portfolio of products. Today we will introduce a practical portable projector marked…

New coupon: BlitzWolf BW-VP1 is a mobile projector with a brightness of up to 2800 lm and a price of 62 € in CZ stock

The projector segment is not just about performance, but also about carrying and a compact body.

What are lumens and what is the difference between ANSI lumens and classic LED lumens?

When choosing a projector, you must have met a number of parameters, of which you may not have been…

The top 4K DLP projector JmGO J6S has a system based on Android, 1100 ANSI lm and Hi-Fi audio

The top-of-the-line JmGO J6S projector offers, in addition to 4K resolution, a brightness of 1100 lumens, a system based on…

Vividbright F40UP is a quality projector for playing and movies. It has 4800 lm, 1080p and Android system

The Vividbright F40UP projector is a quality projector with rich connectivity. It is designed for games and movies,…

BlitzWolf BW-VP9 is a very decent projector with 6500 lm and Google Play. We have a discount coupon

BlitzWolf brings another affordable projector called the BlitzWolf BW-VP9. He will offer the Android system…

New coupon: BlitzWolf BW-VP6 is the manufacturer's most advanced projector with 100% sRGB colors or 6000 lux

Projectors are becoming increasingly popular companions not only for the smart home. One of them is…

New coupon: BlitzWolf BW-VS1 is a new 100 ″ screen with which you will experience a real movie experience

People often use projectors for a better movie experience or the ability to mimic watching movies in a movie theater.

New coupon: BlitzWolf BW-VP8 projector has Wi-Fi, smartphone mirroring, 5500 lumens and HD resolution

More and more advanced projectors with built-in Wi-Fi or… are appearing on the market.

BlitzWolf BW-VP7 is one of the cheapest projectors. It has a mirroring via smartphone, 5000 lm and small dimensions

At home, the projector can replace unnecessarily expensive TV panels while bringing the atmosphere of the cinema. BlitzWolf…

New coupon in CZ stock: BlitzWolf BW-VP3 FHD projector has a mirroring via smartphone and a proper brightness of 6500 lm

BlitzWolf is a progressive Chinese brand of a well-known retailer Banggood, with which they strive to bring cheap products…