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Air purifiers

The BlitzWolf BW-AP2 smart purifier produces up to 300 mXNUMX of clean air per hour. A replacement filter is also available

BlitzWolf BW-AP2 is a new, intelligent air purifier with an efficiency of 300 m3 / h, an advanced filtration system and…

BlitzWolf BW-AP1 is a quiet smart air purifier with a price of only € 47. It already has a replacement filter

BlitzWolf BW-AP1 is an intelligent air purifier that has smart functions thanks to the connection with the mobile application.

BlitzWolf BW-SH1 is an ultrasonic humidifier with a capacity of up to 2,5 L. It has the lowest price in CZ stock

Humidifiers are now a standard part of many households. Not only do they humidify the air, but…