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Up to € 500

Electric scooters up to 500 €

[REVIEW] HIMO L2 is a powerful and very comfortable electric scooter for the city

The season of electric scooters and bicycles is still in full swing and we meet more and more on the road…

Exclusive coupon: Laotie ES8 is the best for € 500. It has full body suspension, 500 W motor, 15,6 Ah battery

The season of electric scooters for the year 2021 is slowly but surely starting and maybe you are the one…

The Kugoo S1 Plus scooter is the best in the series. It has a better folding mechanism, 350 W, 8 ″ wheels and a nice design

Introducing the new Kugoo S1 Plus electric scooter, which brings several improvements over the older version,…

Laotie N10 is one of the few in the EU. Xiaomi defeats electric scooters with parameters and has a fantastic price

The new Laotie N10 scooter comes with an interesting design, better parameters compared to the popular Xiaomi M365 scooter,…

The Youpin Q02 scooter has a price you wouldn't expect. It does not lack a 500 W motor, range of up to 70 km or 10 ″ wheels

Electric scooters are becoming an increasingly popular means of transport. Riding them is fun, fast and…