Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro: Branded 2000 W scooter also with LG battery
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Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro is a 2000 W scooter with an LG battery, a range of 80 km or a speed of 60 km / h

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  1. lubos writes:

    The discount coupon does not work. Can you check it, please?

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hi, we fixed the coupon.

  2. lubos writes:

    Now it says: The coupon has been used: without using it.

    1. Frederik writes:

      In that case, you already have a discount in the cart…

  3. lubos writes:

    Hello, the coupon now writes: coupon has been used - and therefore cannot be used. Please fix.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello. If you have used this coupon before, you cannot use it again. The only option is to create a new account. Otherwise, the coupon works normally, until 31.8.2021.

  4. Juraj writes:

    Hello, is this a verified seller? It doesn't have many transactions (only 51) and has not written any reviews in the last 30 days.
    well thank you

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello. Yes, this seller is verified. If you look at reviews on the scooter, you will find a lot of them written there. People rate the product rather than the seller itself.

  5. Juraj writes:

    Thanks for the quick reply, but are we talking about the same vendor? I meant the seller "Global_wheel" from your second line "All colors, 24,5 Ah LG" (I also included a link).
    I apologize for any unnecessary questions, but they are not small money and I want to be sure that what I pay for will come.
    Well thank you.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Yes, he is also verified. We only put verified articles into the articles. Otherwise, the same seller is on AliExpress, so we would not be afraid to order from him.

  6. Juraj writes:

    Thank you very much for your answer.
    Have a nice day.

  7. Jan Dovrtěl writes:

    I think DHgate, he manipulates the odds a bit fraudulently. than the seller forces me in EUR or even in CZK.
    So I want to buy this scooter with a coupon for 1469,55 USD after DHgate, after the transfer to Revolut I will prepare some 35.550 CZK and I will pay, the transaction will not take place due to lack of funds and the page will display a conversion to CZK 37.170 so the amount of CZK 1630 is higher and I assume that he is asking the bank for USD 1.537,10, ie I do not have more than 68 USD and so much in my account, so the transaction will not take place.

    It seems to me like such a course scam, I have not encountered this at Aliexpress and Banggood.

  8. Jozef writes:

    Hi, I registered as a new user, I had the Coupon used in the application and it did not take away from me. He shows me the original price (1457 €), which is not a bad price, but every saved € always fits .. So I want to ask that if you do not know where the error may be, or if you do not happen to have a new coupon. well thank you

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello. DHGate now changes prices very often due to the changing dollar exchange rate, and unfortunately everything is more expensive as the euro weakens against the dollar. We have updated the prices in the article, we no longer have a better coupon, so we will not affect the lower price.

  9. Duck writes:

    Well, I ordered the miracle 🙂 I can't wait, by writing how long shipping (from PL) took place and overall satisfaction.
    I ordered the Pro plus version of June. I wanted ECO (it would be enough for me) but there is no DHGate anywhere.
    The coupon for May 2022 is at a USD 40 discount - DHMAY40OFF

  10. Jozef writes:

    Hello, how did she come? All right?

  11. Thomas writes:

    Hi, Why should I only order from Chrome or the mobile app?

    1. Frederik writes:

      In order for the order to pass through us. Other browsers are not reliable and we will not register the order in the system and then you will not be entitled to any assistance in the event of a complaint or the like.

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