Janobike T85 is with an output of 5600 W beast among electric scooters
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Even better price. Brutal Janobike T85 as the king among scooters with a power of up to 5600 W or a speed of 85 km / h

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Super elektro kolobezka I just don't want to wait 40 days for it 😀 ..

What about the service if something goes wrong on it? ..


Good day. We ordered this model with European Railway Direct Mail and it arrived much earlier than the seller declared. The order took place on 28.9. and delivery was already on October 23.10, so it wasn't even a month.

In this he is Banggood great and it has happened to us several times that the product arrived much earlier.


How will it be with the servo and how much would the new battery cost and for how long I will need thank you for the answer


You will have to solve the service yourself. There are already several services in Slovakia and the Czech Republic where it is possible to repair electric scooters. If it is a major defect, it is of course possible to complain about the product with the seller. However, shipping to China will be required here, which can be costly. In the case of batteries, the same applies and you will have to find out the prices yourself.

Klaus Konrad

Can you please give me a link to the European warehouse?
We are two guy´s from Denmark that wants to buy a T85 with seat one each ..
Thank you very much.


Hello. This scooter is not available in the EU warehouse. But we updated prices and coupons, so you can order if you want.