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Almost no one knows this trick on Aliexpress: A very precise way to search EU warehouses

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I haven't seen a ship from there


In my opinion, irrelevant because most of those who have warehouses in the Czech Republic in Slovakia do not deliver what I get from it?
The last time I bought something and none of them wanted to / could not send it to Slovakia.
If so, PL, SP, DE or IT.


We also started a mess. However, I do not send the warehouse in the Czech Republic to Slovakia. What about that?


Unfortunately, some products are not even delivered from the CZ warehouse to SK. You have to search in another warehouse / at another seller, or in a completely different e-shop, such as Banggood.


I don't see the option of ship from as in the pictures in the article, either directly on the aliexpress website or in the application


The country of delivery needs to be changed to the Czech Republic. This is the most important step in the whole manual.


It doesn't matter anyway, 9 out of 10 orders from "CZ", "ES", "PL" warehouses end up coming from China anyway... Sometimes at least by fast transport (the last time a cadence sensor for a bike from "Poland" took 10 days from China, PPL it brought), other times it drags and drags, fortunately for many things now there is "delivered to xy or money back", which I use a lot.


What do I get from the fact that I get a delivery address to the Czech Republic when I do not live in the Czech Republic. And I don't have anyone there either?


I wish you a good evening. From July 1.7.2021, 22, customs duty will also be paid for orders under XNUMX euros. When I order something from the EU warehouse (Czech Republic, France' So I don't pay duty... did I understand correctly? By the way, thank you, the instructions work correctly


it is true that after July 1.7.2021, XNUMX, VAT/duty would not be payable on goods ordered from the EU warehouse, but for goods for a pair € it probably won't be that useful, as shipping costs there now around €4... from the EU warehouse...


You write: "We personally have more positive experiences that even cheaper things from EU warehouses arrived from AliExpress within 5 days. But it also happened to us that they came from a Chinese warehouse and we had to pay customs. But the seller compensated for it 100%." YES??? P
did the editor compensate you 100%? Probably difficult through disputes, because in the process of dispute aliexpress you do not even have the opportunity to enter the duty as a reason for dispute. So if, only the seller gave you a paypal account (which is not any fee), but I DON'T have to do it


Hello, the payment of VAT and duty changes after July 1.7.2021, 29.6, as the bet is written in similar blogs. I bought looking at Aliexpresse before that date specifically 1.7, the package passed customs after XNUMX and I came to pay customs duties and customs duties in some amount. So I want to ask if the customs office slov.posty proceeded in order and I have the opportunity to charge me fees even if the goods were bought before the law. Well thank you


Hey Frederik, there's a trick you can use to list items sold from CZ warehouses (or any other EU country warehouse) but it involves playing a bit with the URL 🙂

Rather than switching back and forth your address between two countries, you can:
1. Open AliExpress' website
2. Search for any item
3. When the results load, append at the end of the URL '&shipFromCountry=CZ' (without the single quotes) and press enter

You can replace CZ for PL, ES, BE or any other EU warehouse.

That method guarantees that only items sold from that country's warehouse AND that actually ship to your country will be listed.

Note that there's a drawback to this method, as the URL will be modified if you go to page 2 in the results (or 3 or nth), so you could overcome that appending as well '&page=1' after the 'shipFromCountry' filter . You will have to browse from then on modifying the URL. It is usually not a problem since the best results are usually on the first page (if you sort by number of orders).

Hope it helps!


A great product from China to the Czech Republic costs € 12 and free shipping. The same product from Czech to Czech costs € 4 but postage is € 30. It's all weird this


filters according to EU warehouses don't work at all, there was little where there is such a possibility, I can change the currency to SK and the currency to Euro for free, even so I have almost nowhere to choose warehaouse


In your opinion, it is more efficient to always insert text into the url than to set the country of delivery CZ once, and I have peace?


It would like to be able to give & shipFromCountry = EU still postage about the same and also time


Thank you sooooo much. Very helpful


Hello, the filter "ship from" in the android app does not work as it gives me results shipping from China nevertheless. And as there are too many results it's therefore practically useless.


I ordered twice from Ali express and twice they didn't send me anything, it's surprising that I have to wait 45 days to file a complaint. I feel that Ali express lives more from interest than from sales, when with only a million people they order goods from $5, that's a decent amount of interest. Ali never again.