Inmotion L9 is a premium scooter. It has a range of 95 km and an amazing price
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Inmotion The L9 is the silent killer of Xiaomi scooters at an unbelievable price. It has perfect suspension and a range of up to 95 km

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  1. Radoslav writes:

    The scooter looks amazing, at least according to the video and paper assumptions. Only one problem separates me from buying it, but maybe you can help me. Is it possible to unlock the increase of the max speed on the scooter, or "chip" it using the application and the transcript of the control unit? For a scooter of such possibilities, it is a sin to have only a 30 km / h max speed.

  2. Pawel writes:

    Can I ask for a good low code?

    1. Frederik writes:

      Of course, we updated the price with a new coupon.

  3. Jozef writes:

    Coupon DH40OFFH is no longer valid, please have a new one available?

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello, this scooter is currently out of stock.

  4. Jozef writes:

    Thank you for the info, can you find out when stock is expected?

    1. Frederik writes:

      It should be in stock at the end of this month.

  5. Nice writes:

    Good day,
    When will the scooter be available?

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello, it should be available again at the end of the month.

  6. paul writes:

    hello, please send me a new code, i would like to buy one! its best

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hey. This scooter is not in stock at the moment. We expect to ship it again at the end of this month.

  7. Paul writes:

    Thank you very much :-)

  8. Pawel writes:

    Hello, is hulajnoga already available?

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello, not yet.

  9. Paweł writes:

    And what do you already see when you can document the new drain in PL ???

  10. Pawel writes:

    When will you get enough? Please inform me if you want to drive in that holiday. Thanks

    1. Frederik writes:

      It should be in stock again in one week.

    2. Frederik writes:

      Hey, it's available again.

  11. Pawel writes:

    Please send the current coupon

    1. Frederik writes:

      DHSEP10OFF - this is recent coupon, that works. It is also in article.

  12. Juraj writes:

    Any current coupon? Thank you in advance

    1. Frederik writes:

      L9 is already sold out. The seller has only available Inmotion S1. This is basically the same scooter only with the engine in the back.

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