How to save on VAT and customs duties when buying from China from July 2021
Shopping from China

How to save on VAT and not deal with customs procedures for purchases from China from July 2021?

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  1. Me writes:

    EU warehouses apply the same… All trade must be registered in the EU

    1. Frederik writes:

      The exception for EU warehouses is that the goods will no longer be stopped at customs, as they already come from a country that is in the European Union. We tried it ourselves, the goods came free of charge from Slovenská pošta and we ordered a BlitzWolf BW-AS3 speaker from Banggood.

  2. Petr writes:

    Banggood, like Aliexpress, already has 20 resp. 21% VAT, DDU items are not. This also applies to shipments with a choice of Czech, Spanish, French, etc. warehouse. See comments: 'From 1 July 2021, we will generally need to collect VAT on sales of goods delivered to EU consumers, including circumstances where goods are delivered from outside the EU with order value of up to EUR 150, or where goods are shipped from within EU where the seller is established outside the EU. For more information, please refer to the Help Center. "

  3. - writes:

    When ordering goods from BangGood up to 150 € with the method of delivery BangGood express from CN, you still have Slov. will the post office charge an additional fee of € 2/4/9 or will the customs procedure be handled by BangGood and no additional fee will be charged?

    1. Frederik writes:

      We ordered a few products and paid nothing.

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