The top watch Huawei Watch GT 2e has a record price in the EU stock
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Huawei Watch GT 2e have 5 ATM durability, AMOLED display, endurance of 2 weeks and one of the best prices

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  1. Roman writes:

    The coupon is for the version intended for the Chinese market (= NFC support, which should not be available for the European market). Will they support NFC payments?

    1. Fedo writes:

      Yes, this is the Chinese version, where payments via NFC will not work because the watch does not feature GP services. Huawei Pay is not with us.

  2. Pm writes:

    Don't they have a barometer to monitor the altitude, do they?
    Do they have wifi to transfer measured data / updates?

    1. Fedo writes:

      Neither the barometer nor Wi-Fi mentions the seller or the main page where the specifications are. So these functions are missing there.

  3. Niki writes:

    Barometer have and altitude show… Wifi do not have, updates are through the application.

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