Hipee Smart Back Posture Corrector will help you keep the right posture
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Hipee Smart Back Posture Corrector will help you keep the right posture. It finds if hump amd also has app trainer with exercises

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  1. Laco writes:

    Hello, the gadget came home to me today. There is a QR code in the manual, which leads to a page that does not exist and cannot be searched in the app store. Can you help me with that? Without the phone application, the device is unusable, resp. cannot be set. Well thank you

    1. Frederik writes:

      Good day. Would you like to send us a QR code at Facebook or mail?

    2. Frederik writes:

      We have added information about the application and instructions for using the device without the application to the article.

  2. Lukas writes:

    answer the same question directly on the Banggood product page

    English app should be ready by the end of January, here's how you can use the device without an app:
    1.when the device is off, long press the device button for 15 seconds and the device will enter the state of posture recording.
    Note: After long pressing for 3 seconds, the device will turn on. don't let your hand go , please continue to press and hold the button until the device vibrates again.
    2. After entering the posture recording state, quickly bring the device to the neck, and maintain the correct sitting position. After about 4 seconds, the device vibrates again, indicating that the posture recording is successful.
    3. After recording successfully, when you hunch over 15 degrees, the device will vibrate to remind you after 3 seconds.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Great, thanks. We will add information to the article.

  3. Laco writes:

    Okay, thank you for the info.
    QR code in the service manual for launching the channel in the WeChat app. The application for the device itself will then start within this channel. Since everything is in Chinese, I had to go through a translator. After the final setup, the app works, you just need to learn the individual characters. Definitely English will help.

  4. Pi writes:

    Hello, I have tried the tecnique that you described, Pressed for 15 sec, vibrate, put it on and it vibrates, indicating that the posture is correct.
    Then I have hunted on purpouse, but it does not vibrate.
    Can anyone help me please ??

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