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It has never been so cheap! A beautiful red Halo Knight H03 is offered for a record 1209 € power 1000 W, 19,2 Ah, range 90 km and hydraulic brakes

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otherwise, where do the two fight, maybe the third one wins? both this Halo Knight and the similar Randride YG2, the hit of 90 among full-suspension ebikes from China, currently deliver a very important competitor - it is an absolute novelty with 2023 N.m. torque sensor made of tin, fully-suspended ebike 95'' size, tire thickness 27.5'' CST plastic, 2.8v system 48Ah branded panasonic battery and range up to 20-130km with assistance and 150km purely on electricity! brutal cosi.. + shimano brake hydraulics and 70x1 gears, this also clearly needs a test! Puluma PU9/PH01:
Would I eventually sell my Randride and go to this place? 🙂

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Thanks for the tip, the Puluma one looks pretty good, we'll include it in our articles. 🙂


It doesn't have a torque sensor, does it? I didn't find it anywhere.


but in any case, this Halo Knight is clearly the most beautiful in terms of design, it has to be left! I definitely have the best shock absorbers among the three, I think... especially the front one is brutal!


Hello, could you compare Halo Knight H03 and Shengmilo MX05 and MX03?
Can you advise which one is the best?

well thank you



Maybe a stupid question, but for the record, how do you deal with service and spare parts? this discourages me a little from buying directly from China. After all, if I order something from Allieexpress, it's for a few euros. here I would be worried that it would really happen. you pay over 1000 EUR and you are not sure that it will arrive. Cash on delivery would be best….


We choose only verified sellers, we recommend bicycles and scooters more or less only from Banggoodat / Geekbuyingat / GShopper / Engwe store / Lankeleisi store, but this model is quite popular and Geek has sold it, so AliExpress is the only option. So you don't have to worry about not getting something you didn't order. As part of the 1-year warranty, it is possible to agree on spare parts, or payment of the necessary service. We already have several bikes from China, and so far we haven't had to change anything there, apart from replacing the torque sensor (they sent it to us for free). Bicycles can be easily maintained at a regular bicycle service.


Ok. Thank you for your response.


Especially since the EU has a limit of 25 km/ha, because of such junk from the tin, some bans and rules are still being prepared

And the shimano brakes that are there, you'll just kill yourself with them, those brakes are used on 200e bikes
The bike weighs 27 kg and the rider is 75 kg, and when you brake, you will be very lucky to brake that weight, especially when you go 50 km/h


The EU regulates only electric scooters, legislation for bicycles is already up to each country. Shimano hydraulic brakes are perfectly fine, we've already tried them on e-bikes and we live. 🙂