FLJ K6 is a massive electric scooter with 6000 W and a coupon in the EU warehouse
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FLJ K6 is an incredible 6000 W scooter with a range of 150 km and a massive body. It comes to you free of charge from the EU warehouse

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  1. Erik writes:

    Certainly not this, there are X articles on the net about how unstable those scooters are, resp. they start knocking the handlebars at speeds above 50. Techsej Radlife

  2. Ivan writes:

    So this is already aaano🤞.As for the climb.

  3. Peto writes:

    This scooter is brutal. I have it at home and, unlike other Chinese scooters, it is very well built, nothing explodes, everything holds as it should. I am very pleasantly surprised.

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