Roidmi Eve Plus is a robotic vacuum cleaner with automatic emptying
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The Roidmi Eve Plus robot has a suction power of 2700 Pa, LDS navigation, automatic emptying and a record price of 275 € in CZ warehouse!

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Ondřej Koběrský

Does anyone have experience adding Roidmi EVE Pro to the Mi Home app? I don't see it in Add device, but my region in the app is Czechia. I read that after switching to Mainland China there are more options, but it threatens me by ripping apart all devices when I switch it. Or can the Roidmi APP work with Mi Home automation?


Hello, the vacuum cleaner should work with both the Mi Home and Roid applications. So try to connect to the Roidmi application.


Hello, if I buy a vacuum cleaner, where can I get a suction bag or a brush, it is nowhere clear what vacuum cleaner where and where to buy accessories.