You have to see this electric bike! It doesn't even cost 700 € and it has a Bafang motor!
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One of the cheapest electric bicycles of 2024: Eskute Netuno Plus has a 250 W Bafang motor and a range of up to 65 km

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As for the fact that it has a 250 W motor and a 14,5 Ah battery and it has to be pedaled, the range is nothing. Engwe 1000 w engine, 13 Ah battery, electric mode and a range of 50 km without pedaling, I note that my engine has 4 times the power


It needs to be fixed.
It is no longer available with a torque sensor


hello, does anyone have experience with this bike?
I ordered it, they wrote that it is in the CZ warehouse, it arrived after about 3 weeks from PL.
the bike looks nice, but I have a problem that the voice E6 is written on the display and the bike does not work, it can only be ridden like a classic bike.
I wrote a review on banggood, of course, that they deleted it so that the bike would have a good rating, there was also a review from some guy for a while that he had the same problem, that he waited for a spare part for about a month, he replaced it and it still didn't help...
I'm afraid I have the same problem but access banggoodu disappointed me...
now I have neither money nor a functional bike...
I watched videos on YT, I checked everything, everything seems to be OK...