Engwe C20 Pro is a 250 W electric bike with a range of 150 km, TOP price
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New coupon: City electric bike Engwe The C20 Pro impresses with a range of 150 km and a high-quality folding frame

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  1. Roman writes:

    With a rider weight of 73 kg, the real range is approx. 2 km on level ground without wind with pedaling and using the engine at the set level 100.

  2. Ivan the Realist writes:

    In the case of resolving the guarantee, warranty or you can whistle for a post-warranty repair... That is, if the goods actually arrive. I have only the worst experience with such goods.... The price alone is suspiciously low...

    1. Frederik writes:

      We are from Engwe they already ordered two bicycles, with one we also solved the repair of the electric drive when pedaling, and the communication with the shop was completely fine and they sent a spare part. If you order from verified sellers, then there is nothing to fear.

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