Seller Edwaybuy: Order, delivery speed and coupons
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We ordered Realme 6 from the new Edwaybuy store and arrived in a flash in 7 days. We have coupons

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  1. MarekM. writes:

    Good day. How did the seller present a warranty period, or how will he react if there is a problem with the product?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, the warranty is valid for 1 year and in case of a complaint, the goods can be sent back to their German warehouse or you will be reimbursed for repair at the local service.

  2. Daniel writes:

    Good day.
    I bought a phone through Edwaybuy 11 months ago.
    I need to resolve a complaint. How do I find out in which local service I can handle a complaint?

    Thank you for your response.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello. You must first contact EdWayBuy customer service, then agree with them and then have your phone repaired.

  3. Daniel writes:

    Thank you for your response.

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