The Easine ILIFE G80 has a suction power of 22 Pa and a great price | China Planet
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Price collapse! During the historic 72,99 € it is currently the best vacuum cleaner: Easine ILIFE G80 has a unique side brush and a suction power of 22 Pa

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I don't want to hate this product, but I personally find it extremely weak. Performance and endurance. Our generation, which is used to the vacuum cleaner calmly swallowing even your sock, cannot be excited when it struggles with an ordinary paper clip or spilled rice at maximum performance. It is ideal for dust, the side brush also sometimes takes in the edges, but I would really recommend it only for one-room apartments, where there are only dust particles on the floor and no fallen artifacts of larger dimensions. And I have no idea how difficult it will be to clean. Spare parts are astronomically expensive, so it will probably be a one-time product in my case. Maybe it's not a fault, but a PROPERTY of aku vacuum cleaners, that their durability/performance ratio is so disastrous, but I already know that for primary vacuuming I'll stay loyal to the classic "plug-in" vacuum cleaner.