Eachine EX3 is a 2K drone that lasts 20 minutes and has a low price in EU stock
China Deals

The 2K drone Eachine EX3 costs a record € 72,77! It has a controller with OLED, endurance of 20 minutes and object tracking

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  1. Igor writes:

    Waiting for something, even if it's cheap, has no meaning without a guaranteed result. It's better verified though not a cheap DJI.

  2. Vlado writes:

    Hello that drone eachine ex3 2k what is mod mode2 gas on the left or mode1 gas on the right bo I have a drone at home who has mode1 gas on the right thank you for the reply

  3. David writes:

    With a cheap drone from China, all you have to do is look at any review on youtube and you immediately know why it costs as much as it costs.

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