Eachine EX5 is a cheap mini clone of Mavic Mini. It has a 4K camera and lasts 30 minutes
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Eachine EX5 is a cheap mini Mavic Mini clone. It has a 4K camera, a duration of 30 min, a range of up to 200 m and the lowest price in recent months

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  1. David writes:

    The video quality of this drone is at the level of VHS, even without any stabilization

  2. Filiosys writes:

    I bought it. It's like throwing money banfrod wanted 135e as if from the left it's total shit. Any breeze will turn it around and almost immediately destroy the expensive paper-like propellers. I'm 8 years old Chinese toy drone and he's still airworthy with flood propellers. This is just fucking and a thief

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