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It has never been so cheap! DUOTTS F26 is a great electric bike with 2x 750 W motors: Range 50 km, speed 55 km/h and unbelievable price €1157

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There is a newer version with a display that you pair with a mobile phone, a 20Ah battery and a maximum speed of 83 km/h. I have the previous version that also has a rear brake light on the carrier and it's a great bike

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A link to that newer version? 🙂


It should be the same bike. We don't see any difference there, maybe they made some improvements for 2024 and are selling it as one and the same model with improvements.


I have a much worse opinion about this rower. Rower elektrische F26 traveled 156 km. Hamulce wymażały wymyany dułok pręciej, koła rozcentrowały się w ząży pierwszew dnia… But after ok. 150 km of the running distance zaczęło wyśćać silniki na podjazdach więcej rower nie nadąbki się uświęcija. How much does it cost to ride 100 km on a DUOTTS bike? W przypadku mojego zakupu realny koszt przebycia 100km to 3236 pln czyli 1km kosztuje 32,35 pln. These are the real savings of buying a DUOTTS bike! Brak guarantee i serwisu to dodatko zalety!