The Duotts ​​C29 e-bike is the best-selling e-bike of this season China Planet

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Available for pre-order! The cheapest 750 W bicycle DUOTTS C29 has a 48V system, a 15 Ah battery and a speed of up to 50 km/h

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Josef Váca

Njn, I bought 14 days ago for 840🤔


Hello, and how are you satisfied, what about the quality, processing, aren't the wheels very thick, what about the tires are fine, don't you need to change them right away? Thanks for the info


you need to change mainly the brakes for hydraulic ones, the mechanical ones are worth the old backora and then I would also change the gears for at least shimano altus prip acera, ideal alivio.. throw out the Tourney.. cheap, bad as in the past shimano SiS is its lowend "successor" "..