A home wind turbine with a power of 200 W at a fantastic price
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We checked out at 19 p.m € better coupon, record price! The home wind turbine has 6 blades, a power of 200 W and a price under €130

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  1. Marián writes:

    And how do you connect it to your home network? Do I just run the cable, put some x-socket and connect the appliances?

  2. TT writes:

    Is it also suitable for installation on a balcony in an apartment building?

    1. Frederik writes:

      Definitely not.

  3. Finger writes:

    What tension does it give? with a power of 200W and probably not alternating current, but only direct current? How high a mast is needed

  4. Erik writes:

    It is good, for example, to recharge batteries for appliances you need more power

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