DJI Mavic Mini received a € 416 award for Fly More Combo
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The DJI Mavic Mini drone costs € 416 for the Fly More Combo version. It has a 2,7K camera, a range of 4 km and smart functions

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  1. migel writes:

    4km only has the US version. The EU has a real range without interference of about 1.5 km. I have it, so I know. When you are writing something, at least read what you are copying

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello, we drew information from the site of the seller who has listed 4 kilometers.

  2. Jozef writes:

    Forget about the range of 4km. You will be happy if you fly 200m away in the built-up area. Mimo and outside the built-up zone without interference from the surrounding wifi signal or 2.4 or 5Ghz about 2km.

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