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Lexin ET COM is probably the cheapest helmet intercom in the EU warehouse. It has a colored case, Bluetooth and 800 mAh

In today's article, we will probably introduce the cheapest intercom for a motorcycle helmet called Lexin ET…

Baofeng BF-888S radios are two in a package and cost less than € 25. They have a range of 6 km and 400 - 470 MHz at VHF

Baofeng is already a relatively well-known brand, especially for those who buy such an assortment from China.

Baofeng UV-9R Plus is a professional and durable transmitter with a power of 8 and 10 W. Discount in CZ stock

The manufacturer Baofeng is a well-known brand at our dealer Banggood and certainly also for users of radios.

Coupons in EU stock: Baofeng BF-S5 Plus is a cheap radio with a range of up to 20 km, extreme endurance

If you are a regular reader of our website, you have definitely registered a Chinese manufacturer Baofeng. The manufacturer offers…

Baofeng UV9R-AMG is a powerful 15 W transmitter with a beautiful design and waterproofness. It has a record price

The Baofeng UV9R-AMG radio offers a decent power of up to 15 W, elegant design and a great price directly…

TOP price in CZ: Baofeng UV-5R is an advanced transmitter with a range of 5 km, display and keyboard

In its product portfolio, Baofeng also focuses on high-performance transmitters that can facilitate…

This is probably the cheapest BAOFENG radio. It stores up to 16 channels, has great packaging and costs only 13 euros

A walkie-talkie is a device that meets virtually anywhere. Whether you are camping, hiking or…

Zastone 889G is a 10 W transmitter with a range of up to 10 km and GPS location. She received a record low price

Zastone company offers many interesting products, including this radio. Zastone…