BMAX B6 mini computer has 16 GB RAM, Intel Core i7-1060NG7 and 1 TB SSD
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Mini PC BMAX B6 at favorable prices: Intel Core i7-1060NG7 version 16 GB RAM + 1 TB SSD already under €220

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Good day, I would like to ask about the bmax mini pc. Zhaname home PC for normal + work use (internet, playing games, ms teams, writing text in ms word, ms excel spreadsheets)...
Does this PC have the Windows 11 operating program, i.e. is it ready for use in addition to MS Office (we will ensure that)?
How's that forsim You with a possible complaint?
I would also like to ask you whether nami Can you recommend another PC, or a deep one, for the desired usage?
Thank you very much and I wish you all the best


Hello, yes, Windows 11 is fully ready to use out of the box, just install the programs you use. This PC will be fully sufficient for your use, you don't need anything better / more expensive. If you buy through our article and follow all the procedures mentioned in the article, we can assist you with complaints in case of problems.


31.7. 2023 …. it is currently even cheaper, with the coupon 23SUMMER2.
Thanks for the tip.


We edited the article, thank you for the tip 🙂


I ordered a model with Core i7, they don't have it anymore, but I think the one with Core i5 is also OK, I probably wouldn't risk the lower one.

Z Geekbuying I've been shopping for years, and I haven't needed a complaint yet. In my opinion, they protect quality, if you can say it that way. It is possible to pay extra for the EU return, I think that then it is easier to solve the complaint. It is better to know English, and you also have to take into account that after 1 year the warranty no longer has to be paid.

As for the purpose, it should be OK for normal things.
I'm just a little afraid that the fan will be heard more, especially when it is pulled out.
It will arrive in about a week, so I'll let you know.

Otherwise, as far as playing games is concerned, this is definitely not a gaming PC. It will play some games, from 2015 just fine, from 2012 and older probably just fine, more info in the link below, at the very bottom is an overview of what games it can handle.

In my opinion, the price/performance ratio is great here.
As for the question of whether you prefer a PC or a laptop, that is a broad topic.
For this miniPC, you need a monitor, speakers, microphone and, if necessary, a camera... everything is already included in the notebook, plus there is a flashlight, i.e. protection against power failure. On the other hand, a similar NB should be compared with a higher price.
That's on another forum.

If I don't forget, I'll write the info here when I get it.


Thank you very much for such an extensive answer and your experience.
I wish you all the best 👍


I already have it up and running. So far exactly as described. Windows 11 is originally in English, and after the initial setting in English, you need to download and set SK.
Performance exactly as expected, and to my great surprise it is completely silent. I haven't tried a big demand, but during normal use I can't feel it at all. The fan is completely silent.
For this price, simply a great machine. Total satisfaction.


Thank you very much for the policy. We were still waiting to order. Only the bmax b7 version is available with intel i 7. So we will probably choose this option. Thank you again.