The BlitzWolf BW-WA5 Bluetooth speaker has a power of up to 100 W and an equalizer
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The last 12 pieces for a record 42,9 € in CZ warehouse! The 100 W speaker BlitzWolf BW-WA5 has an equalizer and decent bass

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  1. peterpan88 writes:

    I'm thinking about what is better, this or the 80w Tronsmart force max? it will cost me about 60e/piece (alibaba), this is significantly less by about 20e cheaper.. and that is quite suspicious.. there is also a 100w Xdobo X8 max, but it costs a lot more.. so xdobo is out of reality with those cenami, what I currently have on offer on alika, they used to be quite cheap speaker boxes, but today, after the death, they are absolutely not worth it for the same prices as my X8 max, I can have a much better one with better sound quality 90W Tribit stormbox blast Anker soundcore motion boom +, but that's a different galaxy compared to brands like tronsmart xdobo blitzwolf and so on, tribit and anker the quality is already somewhere on the level of JBL, Sony and below, or approaching them

  2. Vojta writes:

    The code reduces the product to €57 🤔
    The first code is the same as the alternative code

    1. Frederik writes:

      Sorry, we have corrected the coupon to the correct one.

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