Soundbar BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR offers power up to 40 W and the lowest price

New record coupon under € 50: BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 XR is a great soundbar with HDMI, controller and 40 W power

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  1. Juraj Durec writes:

    Good evening, I bought you a product and when I want to connect it to a TV with an HD cable, I can't get the sound. Can't give me some advice? The enclosed book does not show how to connect it to the TV so that my sound goes.

  2. Radoslav writes:

    Hello, I bought this product and I don't know how to connect it to the TV. I have an older model TV, 10-year-old Panasonic plasma, which has no connection for an optical cable. Via the HDMI cable (also referred to as ARC or RCA in the description) it does not work for me, resp. I can't pair it. I also can't do it via a COX connection, either to the headphone output or to the AUDIO output. Can you please advise me how to pair this soundbar with the TV, or send a manual, as there is no such procedure in the enclosed manual? Well thank you.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Good day. Have you tried connecting via a 3,5 mm audio jack?

  3. Thasos writes:

    Are you sure that the 40w version has sub output? I thought only the 60w version does.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello. Yes, the BW-SDB2 XR also have a "Sub out" input for the subwoofer. You can see it on our photo here.

  4. Marian writes:

    Hello, in October I bought this soundbar with a coupon here from your site, everything was great, delivery from CZ warehouse was great in 3 days, I did not believe everything worked, connection from optical cable with LG TV and also Bluetooth pairing with a mobile phone fast, so I enjoyed it, but after two months there is a problem, the soundbar began to resonate at deep and bass tones, it's heard from the left, especially when listening to music, you can advise me, you have no similar experience on how to proceed in the case of a complaint, it was purchased at Banggood.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Good day. We have not yet encountered this problem. Definitely necessary contact support Banggoodu and write to them about the problem. There is no problem with them and they can complain about the goods.

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