BlitzWolf BW-PL2 is an adapter with fast 30 W charging in CZ warehouse
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BlitzWolf BW-PL2 is a charging adapter with a fast 30 W QC3.0 standard, three ports and a price of 10 €

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  1. Martin writes:

    But the delivery from the CZ warehouse is not so true. I am from Slovakia and I specifically ordered this product from the CZ warehouse and it has been 10 working days and it is still in the state of sterilization of the shipment. On another product, instead of the CZ warehouse, they send it out of the CN and again it takes 4 weeks.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Good day. We regret your negative experience with transport from EU warehouses, but it may happen that due to the current situation and the approaching Christmas, courier services are overcrowded and full of warehouse options. Therefore, it may take longer for cheaper products. If you want complete security with fast delivery, you can also choose transport within the EU warehouses EU Priority Line.

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