The BlitzWolf BW-HP2 headset has a graphene membrane and a coupon in CZ stock
China Deals

Price only 24 € in Czech stock: BlitzWolf BW-HP2 is a quality headset with a graphene membrane

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  1. Peter writes:

    Please, how did I manage to set the headphones on Chinese when they arrived (5 days ago) when turning on power on…. when power off now hmm no in chinese….

  2. hemendex writes:

    You've probably figured it out, because it's written in the instructions, but if not, just after turning on the headphones (pairing mode) you need to double-click on VOLUME PLUS and your language will change. So I have a PICUN B8, which are identical headphones as the BlitzWolf HP2, only with a cheaper price tag 🙂

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