BlitzWolf BW-GC5 is a massive gaming chair with a footrest in CZ
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BlitzWolf BW-GC5 is the best gaming chair up to 100 € with this coupon, it has a wide seat and footrest

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  1. ID6071 writes:

    Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. the plate in the seat cushion is quite thin.
    In normal use, it cracked in half and now the chair is useless.
    I have been arguing with Bangood for three days now and their only offer is 500 for trouble 😀

  2. Jaroslav writes:

    The main thing that interests me and I can't read about it anywhere is whether it's all metal there like with other DxRacer copies or it's just an ordinary board or plastic. Foam is also used - it is ordinary recycled RE foam or Pur foam (cold foam) as with Dxracer. These are all very important points when buying, but no one mentions the manufacturer himself. According to that penny, it looks like an ordinary cheap product

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