BlitzWolf BW-AT2 is a new durable smart watch with an excellent price
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BlitzWolf BW-AT2 is a durable smart watch with IP68 protection, SpO2 measurement, blood pressure or coupon in the EU stock

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  1. miso545 writes:

    The first button went to me within a week and the second to three… Super quality and I didn't even use them.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello. You may have received the wrong piece. Contact customer support for refunds.

  2. JACEK writes:

    For example, after setting up the application, does the other vibrate when you enter the SMS and do you want to communicate about some activation? What are you talking about?

  3. Lukáš writes:

    Is it possible to order a charger? It requires me to pay in advance. But I will never do that. Can you advise where to buy cash on delivery?

    1. Frederik writes:

      Cash on delivery does not work.

  4. Adamfe writes:

    Typical dance is hopeless. It is not possible to exclude lighting, the cleaning is a mistake in the lot itself.

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