2x coupon + discount from the seller: Reolink has top security cameras at TOP prices with a solar panel, review from our fan! | China Planet

2x coupon + discount from the seller: Reolink has top security cameras at TOP prices with a solar panel, review from our fan!

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The reality is this: the Reolink "brand" is not a top brand and does not rank among professional manufacturers, it is a low-cost "user-friendly" brand with generationally outdated hardware at incredibly high prices. We have other professional brands here, and Reolink is not one of them, as is Xiaomi, etc... You can make something amazing out of something you don't even know, I guarantee you that in the long run 😉


Greetings. For an ordinary person who does not care about specific hardware parameters and wants the camera to record an image, have some additional smart functions, good night vision, the Reolink brand is definitely sufficient. We think with those sale cenami they are adequate prices for the hardware. We deal with a wide range of products, so we cannot analyze everything in detail and we are not experts in everything, so I hope you will forgive us if a superlative appears here and there. We often compare products with even cheaper ones from China, so maybe that's why we highlighted the Reolink brand more.


I have 4 Reolink cameras at home that monitor my house. Bought a year ago when prices were 15-20% lower than now. They are not professional, but they have mistakes that are acceptable, that's enough for me. One camera broke under warranty, they sent me a new one, they didn't even want to sleep on the old one. So far, satisfied with the price-performance ratio.


In support of reolink, as well as in the rating in the "Google play" store, many users write that it is not possible to view the camera image via data, it only works via wifi. Reolink has promised to fix the problem many times, but has not. It always works one day and then it doesn't. So reolink never again.


I have had Reolink cameras for a long time and have never had any problems. I can connect anywhere in the world via data and see the terrace and the surroundings of the house. Everything goes to the unit.

I love people who start pointing to a brand and that there are many other better brands, but I won't mention a single one.

It's like when someone says... I would definitely buy another better car... and what kind? I do not know