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Aliexpress already shows prices with VAT. The worst is that even from EU warehouses. Why is it like that?

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  1. Martin M writes:

    I have tried to order items from China and I confirm, VAT is automatically calculated when paying. So great here, the worry about paying VAT with us is resolved. Unfortunately, whether it is just a mistake and it will be corrected in time or something else, but when ordering from a Polish warehouse with seven days delivery, ie EU warehouse, VAT is automatically added as well !!!

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello. We have corrected the information on EU warehouses. At AliExpress, VAT will be paid here as well. : /

  2. Martin M writes:

    Great job, thumbs up for your lightning reaction. As for the EU warehouse, these more or less lose their meaning - the only advantage is the speed of delivery. Most of the goods in them are slightly more expensive, in addition, postage is usually paid. So if someone doesn't rush, it will be better to order at China.

    1. Frederik writes:

      More expensive products in the EU warehouse are no longer the rule. Only on AliExpress, where, for example, you pay around € 6 for transport from a Spanish warehouse. Such Banggood has much better prices for products in the Czech / Polish / Spanish warehouse and sells products mainly from here. We will see how the sellers on AliExpress adapt, because many products with the current VAT increase (which we noticed, it is only 17%) do not pay to buy from the EU either. : /

  3. Adam writes:

    So from today everything works as until now only the price is higher by VAT? I mean, the Slovak post after this will not charge anything when ordering from aliexpress and the shipment will be delivered as of now when I pay VAT directly to aliexpress?
    well thank you

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello. We do not know this for sure, we have to test the order from AliExpress ourselves. If the product is up to € 150, it is possible that it will no longer be stopped at customs, because for more expensive ones, the duty must already be paid.

  4. ds writes:

    Not true about EU warehouses. Products from EU warehouses on Aliexpress are still charged with the VAT at checkout.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Yes, the information about EU warehouses is already updated. Please use CTRL + F5 to fetch the post again.

  5. David writes:

    Probably nothing will be the same as before. At the very least, it will be necessary to let customs know that this package has already been solved, and this will not be done without their form and electronic signature.

    1. Frederik writes:

      There should be an automated system for this, and the packages should also contain a certain HS (Harmonized System) code. So we'll see, maybe the packages will go to 150 € without stopping at customs.

  6. Lukas writes:

    Today I received the first late order from May, according to the tracking info, we were at the customs office a few days ago, so I already paid a fee for the package and mail. So for ~ 10 € package I paid 2 € for post and 1,98 € VAT.
    I also paid VAT on Ali for another order, so I wonder if he will also be subject to these fees.

    1. Frederik writes:

      If it was from a Chinese warehouse, you will only pay a fee of € 2 for an automated customs procedure. If you ordered from an EU warehouse, you will no longer pay anything and the package will arrive without stopping at customs. We have tested it from AliExpress and Banggood.

  7. Branko writes:

    according to the latest information, I feel that the post will collect a fee even after Ali introduced VAT, for now it is reduced to 2 €, but again there should be a flood (9 €), so in real life it is again pruser

  8. Dd writes:

    The post office will still collect € 2 for each package, € 4 when I have to add some info and contact them, and € 9 if I have to contact you plus customs officers and add info. I will pay these prices from September as you write.

  9. Adrian writes:

    Hi, I want to put this stick back, I'm more happy here. I booked an AliExpress phone, already in new meetings, VAT has now been added to the payroll. It turned out that the receipt was received by the invoice, I received it, but it was shown that the customer would only see the email addresses and addresses. Is it possible for AliExpress to set up full-time companies to display them on invoices?

  10. Botumato writes:

    My experience is as follows: if the shipment is via Chinese Post, SK Post automatically charges € 2. If the shipment goes through alternative operators, even if SK mail delivers them, nothing is paid. So it looks like SK pošta made a nice rice out of it 🙁

    1. Frederik writes:

      Yes, it's like that. If the package is delivered to you by a courier company, the customs procedure fee is not paid.

  11. Anonym writes:

    So, if I understand correctly… over 150 euros, a duty is paid. VAT is paid regardless of the price, regardless of whether I order from an EU warehouse or a Chinese one (it is therefore more advantageous to order from China). When ordering, I download the invoice, then handle the customs procedure, it is more advantageous to submit a customs declaration via eCeP than to be represented by the Czech Post, where the fee is CZK 200 for the customs procedure. Do I get it right? I read somewhere that eCeP is paid for, I'm confused.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello. Yes, the duty is paid only above 150 € and VAT always. It is preferable not to order from China, because products from EU warehouses do not stop at customs. You can handle the customs procedure yourself only if the seller has not collected VAT for you, but all major stores are already doing so, so you don't have to deal with this at all. There is only a € 2 fee for automated customs clearance.

  12. Zuzana Schneider writes:

    Good day. I am interested in ordering a package worth € 250 from China, the price of transport should be € 115. I saw that VAT was already added there. The package should be delivered to me from the CZ warehouse (so it is in the seller's offer). But I don't know what to do next. Should I apply for a customs procedure myself or will it come to me or how? I'm completely confused. So I won't pay VAT anymore if the seller charges it? Will he then take him to the state?
    Thank you for your response

  13. Terry writes:

    Hi, so just to clarify, for an item of value € 10 and I pay € 1 VAT to aliexpress (so total € 11) I will still need to pay the € 2 fee to Slovak Post? Why is this, they are not doing anything except seeing VAT is already paid and deliverying it.

  14. David writes:

    Hello, I think you have a mistake in the article

    "As we mentioned, after the new one we will have to pay extra VAT for products of every value. The amount of tax varies from country to country (in the Czech Republic it is 20%), which "

    VAT is 21%

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello, thank you for your observation, there was information from the Slovak translation, but it is already correct in the Czech version.

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