ADO A20F is an electric fat bike with a 500W motor and a Shimano motor
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ADO A20F is a new electric fatbike with a 500 W motor, 7 speeds, energy recovery and a solid construction

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  1. Vajdík Richard writes:

    Out of curiosity, I ordered the bike. It's not about the puzzle, I wanted to try a short bike, suspended by balloons.
    After a simple assembly, I was surprised by the robustness and strength. It doesn't come out that way in the photos. The wheels do not have a classic string. The wide rim has spokes. The power of the engine in the rear hub therefore does not go to the chain and to the spikes. In fact, the entire rear wheel is an engine, pedaling only indicates how it should work. The sensor in the cranks controls the engine accordingly. Great relief for the derailleur and chain pull-out.
    Thumbs down: 4km uphill recharging the flashlight. Brakes, downhill with a big jerk, maybe they will sit down.
    Transport disaster, folding bike will get you even more stacked. I will send a photo to those interested.
    Thumbs up: Occurred right after ordering, well-crafted, very good. Fast shifting. Strong grip when starting. You don't have to get out of the saddle on a steep exit, you don't solve the center of gravity, very pleasant. This year, I'm also looking forward to the fact that this is a jigsaw puzzle.
    Richard Vajdík, 61 years old.

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