Spare 18 V batteries for screwdrivers. Capacity up to 9 Ah in the EU warehouse!
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Latest coupons: Replacement 18V tool batteries are compatible with the Makita brand, we have tested them!

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It's a scam, the batteries can't be charged...


What scam? We tested them ourselves, charged them, and our mower works on them. Everything works as it should. If you can't charge them, then you have a defective piece that needs to be claimed.


Or they have a faulty charger.


You have to be careful about what and where you buy. I bought 4 similar ones on ebay. When I opened them, instead of the number that corresponded to 6Ah, there were only 2Ah batteries inside. Of course, the weight also corresponded to it. Data can only be entered into the original charger by force. After multiple write-offs, the seller finally refunded my money, but I lost the postage and tax, but I kept the batteries.


I had them too. And I quickly got rid of them. I tested the durability of the led light, where I compared the original 3ah from Makita and the 9ah compact one. The light on the 3ah makita lasted 1h 8min and on the 9ah 1h 28min, i.e. 30% longer. So the 9ah battery is comparable to the 4ah original. Do not believe the packaging, the chemical composition of the articles is important


The batteries are a shock, they don't hold energy and they generally go away.... A 6ah fake battery is actually like a 2ah and it's just a waste of money. I'm not saying that they don't work when you buy them, but with intensive use they end up in the trash after 3 months 🤣🙈 So guys or Professional fitters stay faithful to the original battery 👌


They don't work, they can't be repaired, they don't charge in the charger, they still show a fault in the charger